Polyurethane liquid membrane for waterproofing and protection, easy application
One-component, low viscosity, polyurethanes material, that polymerizes in contact with atmospheres moisture and forms a seamless, highly elastic, hydrochloric, waterproofing membrane with strong adhesion to many surfaces.

The material is based on pure elastic hydrophobic polyurethane resin and special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV resistance of the material.
Application area

• Flat rooftops
• Lightweight metal or fiber cement roofing
• As the main waterproofing membrane for outdoor parking
It is recommended to apply
top coating SuperTectum TopCoat 440 in light colors (product standard: white, and gray) to maintain the long-term ability to reflect the sunbeams.
Features and benefits
  • No dilution is required, but solvent can be used.
  • Excellent climatic changes and UV resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance, the material is never soft. Maximum operating temperature 90° С
  • Resistance to cold: the membrane remains flexible even at -30° С
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Non-toxic after full cure
  • Water vapor transmission: the membrane passes water vapor, thereby eliminating the accumulation of moisture under the membrane
Application procedure
Requirements for a concrete substrate (standard):
• Hardness of concrete: R28 = 15Mpa.
• Concrete humidity: W <10%.
• Temperature: 5-35o C.
• Relative humidity of air: <85%.

Seal cracks, damages, holes must be coated with suitable material. The substrate must be dry, chemically neutral, even, strong - without cracks and damage, clean - without dust, rust or flaking particles. Traces of contamination from oil, oil substances or chemicals must be removed.
Before applying the fluid, coat the substrate with a suitable primer: SuperTectum Macro Primer or SuperTectum PU Primer.
Immediately before use, mix the material with a low-speed mixer (up to 300 rpm) until a homogeneous mass is formed. When mixing, prevent the formation of bubbles.
The application is pefromed manually using a roller, brush and or system of airless spraying (operating pressure of >200 bar). When applied by airless spraying, up to 10% of a solvent are diluted. The fluid is applied in 2 layers. The waiting time between layers is 6-24 hours. If the waiting time between the layers was delayed (e.g. more than 2 days), please contact our technical department.

The minimum total flow rate is 1.8 kg/m2
General information
Classification under ЕОТА
(European Organization for Technical Approvals)
SuperTectum UV
SuperTectum UV + SuperTectum TOP COAT 440
Minimum expected service life
W3 (25 years)
W2 (10 years)
Climate zone
S (Severe)
S (Severe)
Operational load
Roof tilt
Minimum surface temperature
TL3 (-30οC)
TL3 (-30οC)
Maximum surface temperature
TH4 (90οC)
TH3 (80οC)
Fire exposure
Broof (t1)
Broof (t1)
Fire reaction
Class F
Class F
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